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My Jesus


Often when I think of Christmas time I also think about Easter time.  The thought popped in my head today of a youtube video I saw awhile back.  The song “New Again” which Brad Paisley and Sara Evans sing is so precious…and with the video to go with it, it ALWAYS brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I’ve seen it.  If you have about 6 minutes to spare please consider watching this video.  You won’t be sorry.  I can’t even imagine how Mary would have felt watching her son on the cross.  I know how much it hurts me to see Jesus there because of my sins, but I’m overjoyed that God sent Jesus for me and for you so that I can be forgiven of all of my sins over and over because I know that He is my Savior and my King.  Happy Advent Season and Merry Christmas!

where’s the justice?


I was just at home for lunch and since I only get 3 channels, I was watching CJ (Celebrity Justice). One of the reportings was on an actor/director that was convicted of domestic violence. He was supposed to serve 90 days in jail as the punishment, but he told the judge he had plans to film a movie in Canada. The judge told him it was fine and he could serve his time when he was through filming. Now wait just a minute I say…when in REAL life do things ever happen like that? Is there a separate code of laws for celebrities that I didn’t know about? Apparently there is. If a regular, average Joe were to have the same punishment for the same crime and he had plans to go on vacation, the judge would have said “sorry Charlie”. I just don’t get how so many people get away with things like this. They aren’t super-humans. Oh well…guess that’s what we get for having men in charge of these things 😉

girls girls girls


i thought my subject line might grab the attention of the male viewers (haha)

Saturday was definitely a day made for the girls. Tabitha, Heather, and I went to blockbuster and rented the second Charlies Angels. I must say it was pretty good. A little far-fetched but good. I can’t believe demmi can look that good at her age! after the movie we got ready for our first gwu mens’ basketball game of the season….well for me of two seasons. we went to the coffee shop and got something to drink and headed to the game. we ended up getting a front row seat in the dawg pound and quite possibly a shot at being in a nationally aired commercial for gwu. the first half of the game seemed to resemble the clemson/carolina game if anyone saw it. although we were “clemson”. then came the second half. we ended up being at least 10 behind most of the time and ended with a 9 point loss. i dont even remember the score but we lost. we hadn’t eaten supper so we picked up justin and went to the waffle house. too bad tabitha didn’t get to pick up her usual waffle house hunk 😉 all in all it was a very fun day out! i needed it!