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Big Boys and Girls


I’ve decided that it’s about time that our faculty here at GWU grows up. My job, as you all know, is to order the books for each semester. I usually send out plenty of reminder emails before the deadlines to the faculty to turn in their book orders. I even call some. Well I’m tired of it! They are adults and in most cases much older than me. Surely 5 reminder emails is plenty. Against the advice from other workers here I have decided that I’m done reminding. They know when the due date WAS (October 10th) and have chosen to ignore it. So, come the first day of class they will figure out that they have not turned their orders in. Normally I give many chances but lately I’ve just been getting chewed out from professors for my reminders saying that it’s “a bit much” so I’ll take that advice.

Have a grand day 🙂



This week at work we have been preparing for some new renovations. On Thursday (tomorrow) we will be getting new office furniture and cubicles. I am very excited to have some real furniture like the many other offices around here. Hopefully our backroom will look more like offices instead of a warehouse. Today we are emptying everything from our desks and work areas except our computers and tomorrow morning we will be computerless probably until next week. So be careful if you email me at school because I may not get it until Monday. Friday I am taking the day off here to go to Kelly’s daycare to help her for the afternoon so my parents can go to a luncheon. Hopefully the new kids won’t be scared of me. It will be fun to spend the day with Kelly. Have a great afternoon everyone!

First late night of the Season


Today is the first day of Divinity classes at GWU. We were told to be open until 6:30pm tonight. While I had a few minutes I decided to check the Divinity schedule online and found that there are no classes starting late tonight. So pretty much we are staying open until 6:30pm for no reason. And…of course the infamous store manager is nowhere in sight and hasn’t been for most of the day. I would feel guilty to get a paycheck for something that I didn’t earn. If I sat at home or played raquetball or ran some personal errands during the day I wouldn’t feel right about getting a full paycheck. It’s a little different to do it now and then but just about everyday is crazy! I guess that’s why we, the peons are here. Ok I must go start a game of solitaire hehe. Have a grand night! Oh, and 24 is on tonight!!!! Season finale (2 hours). Don’t miss it!

You might be enrolled at GWU if…


I want to start a new “game” so to speak on the site. I’m going to try to keep this up and if I don’t I want someone to tell me. We’ve had a lot of “interesting” characters flood the store over the years and each semester it never ceases to amaze me how “up in the clouds” they can be. So I’d like to share those funny little moments that keep me going.
Today’s contribution:

You might be enrolled at GWU if there are neons signs everywhere pointing to the Summer textbooks and you walk right by them and ask where the Summer textbooks are.

The end of rush!


Hey everyone, it finally appears that we at the bookstore have successfully finished another season of rush. After not having computers all day yesterday until 5:30pm and many other little snags along the way, it has seemed like a VERY long two weeks. I believe we calculated that we have worked approximately 112 hours in two weeks. I, personally, am exhausted and plan to veg out as long as possible this weekend. Somewhere in these two weeks I’ve managed to pick up a terrible sinus cold/sickness. If I’m not better by Monday I will probably end up giving in and going to the doctor for some real medicine.

I also wanted to take this time to share how awesome my husband is! I don’t think I’ve told him enough lately how much he means to me. This morning I was running late as usual getting out the door. While I was in the shower Justin made breakfast and a hot chocolate to go for me, he took care of the boys and Java, started my car, and brought me oj and a vitamin. It is so great to know that I have such a loving husband that cares so much for me, not only when I’m sick but always. I hope that I can show him each and everyday how much he means to me. I love you honey!

I know some of you are anxious to hear updates on Erin and Mike and their little one. I haven’t talked to them in a few days but so far so good. Please continue to keep them in your prayers and thoughts. We all appreciate it so very much! I am anxiously awaiting her next doctor visit at the end of February when she will be a full 3 months along. Her due date is August 27th I believe (mark your calendars hehe).

I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend! Stay warm…and dry!

layers…of happiness


Can we say Brrrr? Talk about not wanting to get out of bed in the morning! Pixel came to greet me this morning and sat right by my face. I reached my hand out from under the covers to pet him good morning and then when I went to put my hand back under the covers he thought I was playing with him and swatted his paw. I ended up getting a cut right under my lower lip from his claw. What a way to start the day haha. Now I’m at work and still haven’t taken my jacket off…and it doesn’t look like I will. I have a long sleeve shirt, a pretty thick ladie’s cut sweatshirt, and a jacket on. My toes are still frozen and my legs are a bit chilly. Guess I’ll have to break out the long johns just to come to work. We have pretty much no heat back here in our dungeon. The big back door has cracks gallore so all the cold air is flooding right in. Mandy had ordered us a coffee maker as a necessity for the winter here and it has disappeared in shipping somewhere. Boy it would be nice to have a nice cup of hot chocolate. I don’t think I’m gonna go walk across the street and get one either haha…I’d freeze!

As far as weather news goes…As of this morning the weather channel is saying there is a possibility of snow showers on Sunday and Monday. So, one of 4 things could happen. Either: nothing at all, rain, snow showers like forecasted, or they bump it down a few days and we have a white Christmas 🙂 I guess I’ll take anything but rain 😉 hehe

I hope everyone is getting into or already in the Christmas spirit. Afterall it’s not about the presents!!! Just keep reminding yourself that when you get stressed or annoyed. I have been reminded this year about how special Christmas is. Recently our friends Brandon and Meagan had a baby (Thanksgiving Day) and I’ve been thinking about how excited I was just waiting for that special moment when we heard the news. I remember the anticipation and just pure joy when we found out Ethan had finally come and was healthy! It makes me think about what it would have been like long ago with the birth of Jesus. How exciting it was and still is! Don’t forget that this season! Thank God for all the loved ones you have and have had and will have and that God loves you so much that He gave you the best thing possible! His son! Don’t you feel loved?

Merry Christmas everyone…..everyday!

a whole new POS system


Lately we’ve been working hard in the Bookstore. We are finally joining the rest of the world with some technology. This week we received a new POS system and now instead of pricing and depricing books and ringin them up manually, we don’t have to price them and can SCAN them at the register! I’m so excited and I know my right hand is too especially knowing I won’t have to write anymore vouchers!!! well…that is if IS can get their acts together and get things working. This means not so long lines, two registers that are fully functional to process credit cards, department charges, cash, checks, gift cards, and vouchers. Now if only the books would bag themselves haha. So, as you can see I’ve been busy with training for the POS system. It is soooooo user friendly. A bit too user friendly. I hope it will be a smooth transition. Also we’ve already received about 80% of our books for the Spring semester. They are all currently checked in and shelved. Just a little reorganizing is necessary.

People never cease to amaze me in their ignorance. Every semester I try my hardest to find new more obvious ways to keep people out of the book section. People just can’t help but get so excited about Spring books so early. They just can’t stay out. We can have hundreds of unpacked boxes everywhere and they will climb over them just to see if their book is here. They will even ask if we can find it for them in the boxes. This semester I got a bright orange posterboard and Erica wrote “DO NOT ENTER Books not available til Dec 1st”….what do you know…they walk right past it. We’ve even tried police tape, packing tape, boxes blocking the aisle ways, chairs, everything and they climb right through it. I just wish I could get an electric fence. That would be fun to watch haha.

Yesterday we were closed all day except from 12-1:30. Right on the outside of the door was a big sign that was at eye level telling the customers that. At 11:30 a woman just walked right in and was so confused when we told her we were closed. The door was closed and the sign was up. Crazy crazy people I tell you! Well…at least I felt smarter by the end of the day 😉 haha.

Everyone have a great day and a wonderful weekend!



The party was a blast! We had approximately 13 people show up. I lost count after awhile. Wayne even had a chance to stop by after teaching his class and a few of us stayed to watch “Gothika”. What a confusing and suspenseful movie. I liked it a lot! Those of you that watched and enjoyed “Identity” you will love this one! The house wasn’t too bad of a cleanup afterwards. The cats came out and socialized a bit too. Especially Pixel. Apache hid under our comforter for awhile. Have I told you lately how awesome my husband is? Without even one complaint or moan he stepped up to the challenge of helping me clean house before and after the party. Thanks honey for being so supportive! I love you!