Gangsta’s Paradise


Well I realized I hadn’t blogged in awhile and that at some point I’m going to look back at this time and wonder what I didn’t blog about.

Recently…as in 2 days ago Justin and I were sound asleep and awakened to the sound of three bangs.  I know I was not fully awake but I remember asking Justin if it was gun shots.  We had recently been having issues with our power going on and off randomly so he said he thought it was something to do with the power.  We both quickly fell back to sleep.

We woke up and went about getting ready for work.  Justin left about 15 minutes or so before me.  I was running a few minutes behind schedule and already couldn’t find stuff I needed.  The District Manager was due to come to the store that day and I was the opener (not knowing when she was to arrive).  Frazzled, I finally set out the door for work.

As I was walking to the car I noticed a large dark spot on the back right side window.  I thought a huge bird had chosen to…well…you know, on my car so I went for a closer look.  That’s when I found that my back, side window was shattered yet still in tact and there was a big hole in my car door.  I looked closer and it appeared to be a bullet hole.

I called Justin in a panic, surprisingly not because of the car but because I needed him to come get me so I could get to work and not be late in case the DM was there waiting for me (not a good way to make a first impression..being late).

When Justin arrived he confirmed it was a large caliber gunshot hole.  Luckily for me I have an awesome husband who took me to work and then returned home to clean up and deal with insurance and the police.

After work Justin picked me up and we came home to investigate some more.  Then we found three 40 caliber bullet casings in the driveway (confirming the three bangs heard in the middle of the night).  Justin called the police back and in about 30 minutes a police car appeared taking his statement and the casings for our case.

I know that the person who did this will most likely not be found but Justin and I found ourselves praying for this person.   In prior years, we would have just been angry but God has shown us so much even in the 7.5 years we have been together.  We know God is good ALL the time.   We are praising God for knowing all situations even before they arise.  Just days before this we received some unexpected money that I’m confident will be just what we need to fix my car.  Some would say it’s a coincidence but I just don’t believe in coincidences.  God was there, God is there, and God will always be there.  I’m overjoyed to know Jesus as my Savior and couldn’t imagine going through life without Him.

I have also been learning from God lately that even when I’m in the valleys of life…when things are not going my way, that God knows what He is doing and He not only wants good for me, He wants BETTER for me.  A few weeks ago in Steven Furtick’s One Prayer message he was talking about when he was little he really badly wanted to get atari.  He prayed and prayed and just hoped that on Christmas morning he would have atari like all his friends.  On Christmas morning he didn’t get atari but the NEW and BETTER Nintendo! And so while he was focusing on what he thought he should have, someone was thinking of bigger and better things for him just like God does for us.  That message has stuck with me.  I am now always waiting and wondering, even when I don’t think things can get better, I’m wondering what God will do next.  Just AWESOME!

Here are pictures of my car.