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Our friend Beau


Some of you might remember about a year ago Justin and I rescued a blind puppy found wandering our neighborhood.  He was so so skinny and had a really bad case of some kind of worm leaving him dehydrated and couldn’t hold anything in his system.

He stayed with us while we brought him to and from our vet’s office (who was gracious enough to help us out with costs to make him well).  Java was a little confused by him but adjusted.  Justin and I figured our that by putting him on a leash and walking the same pattern in our yard each time, that the dog soon learned the layout.  He even adjusted to our house and knew where every turn and object was.  We were truly amazed and grew to love him but knew we didn’t have the means to take care of him forever.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was say good bye to that sweet pup.  We found him a home at a place near my parents that takes in disabled animals and cares for them for life if they do not get adopted.  It truly is a great place called Friends for Life.  I still remember to this day how Beau (we called him Buddy at the time) was sniffing and nervous just trying to find us as we had to say goodbye to him in his stall.  I still get tears in my eyes thinking about it but we knew he was in the best place possible for him.

Periodically I check their petfinder site to check on him.  He has gained his weight back and looks like a happy dog.

All this to say…I checked last night and he was not on the site any longer.  So out of concern I emailed them and this afternoon I received this reply:

“Beau now lives with one of our employees.  They adore each other.  Beau has a real home of his own with a large fenced yard.  Anne takes him hiking in the woods and playing in creeks.  He is one very lucky boy.”

I couldn’t be happier.  He never would have gotten that if he had stayed with us.  I’m so grateful to those people and for Anne who loves him so much she is giving him not only her home but her heart too.  Yay for happy endings…well happy beginnings 🙂

Happy Happy Birthday To You To You


I don’t know why I never realized this before but today is Lorraine Moore and Deana McSwain’s birthday.  I hope you both have a great day and hopefully have better whether than we are having today.  I love  and miss you both!

Happy Birthday Kelly!


Today is my sister Kelly’s birthday.  I wish I could be there with her to celebrate but am excited for a possible visit in June 🙂 I love you! Hope you had a great day!