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Seven Years


My husband has beaten me to the punch, but this day seven years ago God declared to be the day Justin and I met. I will always be in amazement that we didn’t ever meet until then seeing as we were at a small University and both had many of the same friends. It just goes to show how awesome God is and His timing and His plan. I also believe that it was around this time that I told God that I didn’t think I would ever find someone at GWU for me. Well you know what happens when you try to tell God something that just isn’t in His plan. I’m enormously happy that I was wrong. It was the one and only time I was wrong (right honey?) but I’ll gladly admit it 😉

So as Justin was saying, we met in Nikki and Heather’s dorm room on January 20, 2002 to celebrate Nikki’s birthday (her birthday was the 19th). I went and I’m pretty sure I was bummin it with some sweat pants and pony tail. I wasn’t really expecting to see anyone I didn’t already know. I walked in and was immediately embarrassed about my choice of attire. There was this totally hot guy in there and I looked “rough”. Luckily he didn’t let that distract him haha. Again the following week I returned to celebrate Heather’s birthday also hoping that this guy would be back. To my delight he was.

We started hanging out more and more at basketball games and talking online until the wee hours of the morning (my roommate didn’t appreciate the key clacking I’m sure). It all seems like just a year or two ago that it began and I’m sure that the time will just go by faster and faster but there is no one else I would rather do life with. I love you Justin!

What I learned yesterday


I learned yesterday as we drove from place to place in the snow that Evergreens aren’t necessarily green all year round. Sometimes they are white 😉