God Speaking


As I was approaching the doors of GCC (church) this morning it suddenly hit me that God was speaking to me last night. It sure took me long enough but I finally put it together.  I spoke with a really awesome friend of mine (Debra Conn) on the phone the other day.  I was sharing with her how when I was in Shelby I would sometimes hope and pray that when I ran into Walmart I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew (I’m sure you have all wished that at some time or another).  Sometimes I just wanted to get in and get out without anyone seeing me.  Most times I was unsuccessful and would at least see one person I knew.  Now, it’s totally different for me here in South Bend/Mishawaka. I go into any given store and I’m just about guaranteed that I won’t know anyone…at all.  As much as I used to long for that sometimes in Shelby, I now seem to long for the opposite.  I still don’t know that many people and this is a busy place so my chances are so slim out in public. But just last night Justin and I were in Meijer doing some long awaited grocery shopping.  We were at the self checkout and I was bagging while Justin did the scanning.  Out of the blue I heard “Hi Bonnie.” I thought to myself “you are hearing things”, but looked around to see a few checkouts down was Laura Gekeler.  She wasn’t only saying “Hi Bonnie” she was waving her hand in the air so I would see her.  Someone was speaking to ME in a store in MIshawaka.  Someone else was also speaking to me…God! How awesome is that, that in all the things that God has to do in and out of this world every second of everyday, He took just a moment to wave at me through a friend to let me know that He knew me, that He understood, and that He loves me and wants me to be happy.  My heart can’t stop smiling because of it.  I’m THAT special to God.  I mean I know this but sometimes these little reminders are all I need to refresh my spirit.

Because of this story and one similar and even more awesome, you need to seriously check out this week’s sermon on “Is Jesus the Only Way?” Rob Wegner shares an awesome story/testimony about a neighbor of his and how God worked His miracle.

Let me know what you think and if you have a God story you want to share either leave a comment here or I can send you my email from your comment.  I’d LOVE to hear about it.