When do you choose to follow God?


Don’t ask me how or why but things just seem to pop in my head from time to time.  Most of the time I forget them before I get to a computer or I’m just too lazy.  Tonight while sitting in Jason Miller’s Journey class I began thinking about the times when I choose to follow God the most. I guess I just automatically assume that I follow Him all day everyday…but when do I actually stop and take the time to listen to Him, worship Him, give thanks to Him, ask Him for direction?  I’m sure my answer is very similar to yours…it’s when I’m at the extremes of my emotions and life.  When I’m sad, afraid, worried, confused, angry, and happy.  But what about in the norm of everyday life?

Before I moved to Indiana I really felt like I had really began to grasp what true trust and worship and communication with God was.  I thought I would have no problems once I moved 11 hours away and left my comfort zone.  Silly me…I guess I forgot about Mr. Satan (who is always around).  I realize now and thought I realized then that I CONTINUALLY need God.

I have been failing lately to study God’s word like I should…to even take enough time out of my day to just be with Him.  It’s not like I’m busy at work yet.  It’s the world inside of me that is fighting me.  I walk by my Bible everyday and somehow manage to talk myself out of it (“oh I’ll read it later” or “my head hurts” or “I’m too tired”).  Sometimes I will read the Bible but my mind seems to wander or I don’t feel like I’m getting anything out of it.  I realize that I NEED God, He doesn’t need me so I need to pay Him that attention and if I’m going to live the Godly life He wants for me I need to listen more and learn more and spread more.  It’s hard because the world is ever present and Satan loves to knock us down but we all need to spend more time than we do studying God’s word.

I love my Jesus,  I hate this rut that I have been in and I ask that you pray for me and that you too will look at your life and the time you do or do not spend with God.  He is your Heavenly Father and one day you will come face to face with Him…we all will…don’t you want to know who He is?

So take this challenge like I am giving myself.  Don’t just go to Him in fear when something is going badly or wrong.  Don’t go to Him only in anger when something doesn’t go right.  Don’t just say a quick thank you for the happy things.  Do it all the time! Take the time.  What would we do if God was too busy for us?