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We made it…


Today is our (mine and Justin’s) four year wedding anniversary. I know people say stuff like this all the time but I really can’t see where all the time went.  And to think we have known each other for almost 7 years is amazing to me too.  I couldn’t pick a better husband or friend.  We have been through a lot together, especially recently with the giant move to Indiana and we have stayed side by side all the way.  I love this guy!  He is willing to do anything for me even if it means sacrificing something that he wants or has.  I thank God everyday for him.  I just hope I get to celebrate many more anniversaries with him.  I love you @wantmoore! (don’t want to get too mushy and make my viewers gag hehe)

And a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jason Powell today.  Hope it’s a good one!

A little snag


Well, we’ve been here a little over a month now and have encountered our first snag.  On Tuesday this week I was starting a load of sheets in the washer.  The washer was filling up with water and I decided to brush my teeth (laundry stuff is in our bathroom).  I turned on the faucet and noticed the water pressure was low but figured it was due to the washer filling up.  Then I turned it on again to finish up and no water came out.  I went to the kitchen faucet and no water came out there either.  I had to finish brushing my teeth with bottled water…cold bottled water from the fridge (my mouth didn’t like that).  I called Justin at work and he said he would look at it when he got home.  I was concerned because I hadn’t yet showered for the day (I’m thankful I didn’t decide to shower instead of laundry or I would have been mid shower when the water stopped).  Justin and his coworker Ed came over to assess the situation.  None of the breakers were tripped but there was loss of power for the water pump, garage door opener, a few outlets and lights.  They had to go back to work but Justin put in a claim for our home warranty we luckily have.  The disclaimer said we would hear something within 24 hours.  23 hours later and no shower (having to go to the grocery store to use the bathroom because we are on well water) Justin finally heard from an electrician.   I don’t know all the details but something slipped out of a junction box?  in the attic (very random).  So we are now back to normal. I was so glad the electrician came yesterday and in just enough time for me to shower before church.  Showers feel so good after you haven’t had one in awhile.  Now the electrician is due back sometime to look at some outlet questions we have.  I’m just glad to have water!

Happy Birthday to Matt and Brandon


Happy Birthday Matt and Brandon! I hope you both have an amazing day.