Best Buy Visit


So we were in Best Buy tonight and Justin says…”oh honey before we leave I need to look at that laptop thing.” And I said, “Laptop thing for the living room? You want me to help you find something to help you be more comfortable while using your laptop in the living room? ;)” and as we were heading that direction I said (in a joking matter), “what if I put my foot down and say no?” and he said, “Then I would tell you how cute you were and do it anyway.”  In the end I won…for now haha.  He didn’t find any he liked. And why were we in Best Buy this lovely Friday night…my sweet husband took me out on a “date”.  We were on a mission.  With a $10 bill we managed to both eat supper and still go to Ritters for some custard with $.63 to spare.  He even opened the door for me 🙂  Best Buy was our entertainment for the evening.  I guess you can call us cheap dates.  It was a great time though 🙂  Thank you Honey!