Feeling Pretty Good


Today I’m having a pretty good day. Apache (black cat) decided to let us sleep in this morning by not meowing at all hours of the night and morning…so props to Apache. We’ve gotten to be lazy together this morning and were able to call and talk to Debra Conn, one of our friends (we consider family) from Shelby. We haven’t had a chance to really talk to our friends back in NC since we’ve been here. The first week we were simply trying to find everything and then along the way we’ve been painting and just flustered. We hope to truly reconnect with everyone in the coming days so hang in there. It was so nice to talk to Debra. We really do miss talking to her.

Now Justin is heading out to a charity event I believe with Jason Powell to drive BMWs. Sounds like more of a treat to me 😉 I hope they have a great time and don’t wreck any of them. I’m off to Lowes to buy our dining room paint and start rolling the walls now that the priming is mostly done.