Anyone want to keep this poor dog?


Yesterday morning I was letting Java outside to do her thing before I left for work and there was this black lab puppy (so I thought) in our front yard. It was so scared and incredibly thin. Justin and I both tried to catch it to see if it had a tag on the collar but were unsuccessful. When Justin got home from work our neighbors across from us had caught it and quickly brought it to Justin asking him to keep it for the night. This dog is so sweet. It’s a boy and it looks to be a pit/lab mix about 4 to 5 months old. We think it’s blind and it is severely dehydrated and hungry. Today we hope to take it to the Vet to find out if this poor thing has a chance. He was so sweet. He didn’t make a peep all night. He is potty trained and can sit and give you his paw. Please help me pray that his blindness is only temporary and that he doesn’t have anything seriously wrong with him that isn’t fixable. This little guy is so sweet and he deserves a chance.