I am living a life like on TV.

Today when I got home Justin was there to greet me. He walked outside but I didn’t see Java anywhere. I asked him where she was and he said inside. Then he put his arm around me and said he had to tell me something. I could just feel how nervous he was. He quickly told me it was good but I was still nervous. Then I thought, why wouldn’t Java be at the door at least? I really thought he had gotten us a lab puppy. Then he sat me on the couch when we got inside. No Java, no puppy. He handed me an envelope and I took the paper from it and it was a picture of the bridge in Charleston and a hotel logo. I quickly laughed and said what’s this? and he said, “We are going to Charleston first thing in the morning now pack your bags.” I quickly laughed again and said, “I can’t, I have to work tomorrow and it’s graduation weekend so I have to work Saturday and late Friday.” Then he responded with a, “No you don’t, already taken care of.” He has been plotting this surprise for weeks and has had plenty of people involved including the most awesome Cary Caldwell! So now I’m doing laundry and packing for a very much unexpected yet very needed vacation to CHARLESTON! I love this man! He is so awesome! Don’t pinch me, I’m lovin this dream.