Fun Event


I’m excited that tomorrow Justin and I are riding up with some of our church people to Boone to go skiing. No, I will not be skiing but you might be able to catch Justin falling…I mean skiing down the mountain a time or two. I’m going along to watch and relax and maybe read some more of a book I’ve been waiting to be able to read. Then in the evening we will be meeting up with Erin, Mike, and Walker to spend the night. I’m excited. It’s been since Christmas that we’ve seen each other. Then hopefully next weekend we can go see my parents and Kelly. I have a TON of class work and studying to do but I’m trying not to let it get in the way of the most important things to me.

Also, lift some prayers up for me for March 9th. I take the dreaded GMAT and haven’t had (and will not have) time to devote to studying for it.