It’s been a long time


Sorry guys, I tend to blog in waves. A lot has been going on here lately. I just got done with book rush which wasn’t fun (don’t get me started). I have started my second semester in the MBA program at GWU. This semester I’m taking on the hardest class I believe I’ll have to take (Finance). I believe there’s a reason it’s an F word. So far it’s going ok, I’m taking it in class on Thursday nights from 6-9 (not fun after a long day at work). Luckily my friend Cary is taking it with me so she is helping me through. We decided to take the harder classes first to get them out of the way. I hope that plan works. Justin’s granny was in the hospital a little bit ago. Now she is home and they’ve redone the house to allow her to use her wheelchair. She is one tough cookie and we love her so much!

Now, if you’ve read Justin’s blog entry, then you know that he is in Kentucky this week. He was supposed to come home today originally but had to postpone his arrival until tomorrow due to some work issues. I’m glad now that he had to wait because of this weather. I heard on the news that a lot of the flights today were delayed or canceled. Hopefully he will have better luck tomorrow. I’m so excited. This is the longest we’ve been apart. I can’t wait to hug him and squeeze him and kiss him hehe. I’ll try not to make a big scene hehe.

I love you honey! Be careful tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for you…if I don’t get lost hehe.