This year our church was able to collect 197 boxes (our goal was 160) for Samaritan’s Purse. Justin and I, along with a few of our fellow church members (Jennifer too hehe), went to the Charlotte Samaritan’s Purse warehouse. It’s an old Wal mart buildling and has lots of room for boxes. To my amazement, every inch of that place was full of boxes. The moment we walked in the door a really sweet woman came and hugged us all and with all the happiness and appreciation she had she welcomed us. We briefly went to a training session to learn about what we would be doing while there. I had never been before. Our job was going to be sorting through each box and taking out any money in it or forms filled out for Samaritan’s Purse. We were told if any money was sent in a box, the child’s life could be in danger. The training lady was able to tell us a story about one of the boxes from a previous year. She explained that as we look in the boxes we shouldn’t have thoughts like, “who would want that stuff?” or “that’s strange”. This particular box she spoke of had mostly white socks in it. The people who went to distribute these boxes noticed a boy off to the side. His was the box with the socks in it. As one of the workers was going to exchange boxes with this boy (thinking he would enjoy a box with toys in it better), the boy told them that he loved the socks. He had wanted socks. He had severely burned feet that were not very attractive and had always wanted something to cover them up so people wouldn’t look at him funny. Isn’t that awesome? God told the person that packed that particular box to put socks in it. He had a plan from the very beginning.

I will let Justin tell you about the special box he opened.

I think the most awesome story of all was one we heard about another box. A woman had gone personally to help distribute boxes in a foreign country. As she was doing so she got separated from the group and couldn’t find her way. She stopped at one of the houses to tell them she was an American and was lost from her group. As she stood there in the house, the little boy ran off to his room and came back with a shoebox he had received. This wasn’t just any shoebox. It was the very box that this woman herself had packed and sent to Samaritan’s Purse. Now you can’t tell me that was a coincidence. I hope that took your breath away like it did mine when I heard it. Just think of the probability of that ever happening. Amazing is what it is. And sent from God.