I managed to make myself take Thursday and today off of work. I was a little worried about how I might react to all the medications the doc gave me. I have 5 different things to take. One is an inhaler that makes me shake and warm all over (every 4-6 hours). Another is a weird thing that pokes holes in a pill and then I breathe the powder from the pill into my lungs (once a day). Then I have to take an antibiotic twice a day and a cough suppresant (every 4-6 hours). The cough suppresant has hydrocodine in it. It makes me sick and dizzy. I try not to take it as often if I can help it. I don’t know what I’ll do when I get back to work and have to take all this stuff still. I also have to take an herbal pill to make sure I don’t get another fun infection from the antibiotics.

Today is Friday and I’m excited because Erin and Walker are coming to visit and so are my parents and a friend, Betty from New Jersey. It will be the usual quick visit but I’ll take anything I can get. Then Justin and I are headed to Erin’s neck of the woods to present our trip to Russia to her youth group. They have been kind enough to help us collect some items which we are going to bring with us. It’s going to be a busy weekend while on drugs but hopefully a good one. I hope you all have a great weekend as well. Pray for Justin…he’s been sneezing this morning and “not being sick” so I hope he doesn’t come down with something.