Ok, so I was…wrrrr wrrrr wrrrr…


Well I can’t bring myself to say it hehe. After some pushes and some shoves by my loved ones I finally gave in and went to the doctor. I’ve been having bad chest congestion for about 3 weeks and then just this past Friday started a nasty cold. I didn’t want to go to the doctor first because I hate going to the doctor and also because I just figured he would tell me it was allergies and to deal with it.

My appointment was for 9:15am. I arrived a few minutes before that. They didn’t call me back to a room until close to 10. Then I sat and waited until about 10:30ish. Finally the doctor came in and told me my heart rate was 101 which meant something wasn’t right. Then he took just a quick listen to my lungs and said, “Yep, that’s wheezing” and then had a nurse bring in a breathing treatment for me to take for about 7 minutes. Boy did it make me drool. When it was finished I felt really shaky and warm but the doctor said that was normal. It didn’t go away for about 30 minutes afterwards. He told me I have some sort of pre-pneumonia infection (I’m also having an asthmatic reaction to the infection) in my lungs and had I waited a few more days I’d be in the hospital. He also said that because of the time of year it is, I could get it again in 6 months. I also need to get a flu shot when I’m better. He said that was a must! I’ve never had one before. Now I have an inhaler, some sort of inhaling pill thing and a strong antibiotic to take. Sounds like fun for me. I just hope I’m well before Russia.

Now I’m back at work feeling awful because I didn’t take any medicine this morning so that I could be at my worst for the doc to see. I’ve got a sinus headache and just feel run down (haven’t been sleeping well). I hope this goes away soon. Thank you all for caring so much about me. I love you guys!

While I’m thinking about it. I wanted to wish Meagan Jaynes a late Happy Birthday wish! I’m sorry Meagan! I’m slipping on my postings. Her bday was the 29th. Happy Birthday!