Hey Everyone, I’m finally getting a little time to update. As you know, I’m starting the MBA program at GWU this Fall. As I finally have a chance to glance through my syllabi I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. I knew that taking online classes might mean a little more busy work but wow. One of my classes won’t be too bad, just tedious. The other was surprising. I have a project, a book report, and another project to do this semester and much of that is actually due either while I’m in Russia or just before I leave. With pretty much all of my September weekends booked up with other things, I don’t know when I can get it all done. I will mostlikely have to turn in my assignments and midterms early due to the Mission trip. I know that I can do and that I will do it, it just makes me a little nervous. I had intended on getting ahead on the assignments before the classes officially started but since I”ve had to work til 8pm everynight and some Saturdays I haven’t had time. I’ve actually been staying at work til 9pm at the earliest just trying to find my desk for the next day. This has definitely been one of the worst rushes so far. Please pray for me if you will. I know many of you do already and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

Today Justin is at the race in Bristol with some church friends. He probably won’t be home til around 2am or so. I was able to sleep in a little which felt good (I was up a lot of the night coughing). Java and I have been to the dump and outside a bit this morning already. I’m steadily plowing away at my “to do” list I’ve been compiling since I haven’t been home most nights to clean. Today at 3pm is a party for our Sunday School Class. It’s at a man from our church’s house. He has a pool! woohoo! This white girl is going swimming! While I don’t think many people from our class are going to be able to make it, we do have about 3 new prospects coming that have just started at GWU. I’m very excited. Justin was able to talk to them on Wednesday night at church and invited them to the party. They came by the Bookstore on Thursday to get directions to the party. I really hope they will like us and continue to come to Crestview.

Ok, enough babbling. I hope you all have a great weekend!