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Hey Everyone, I’m finally getting a little time to update. As you know, I’m starting the MBA program at GWU this Fall. As I finally have a chance to glance through my syllabi I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. I knew that taking online classes might mean a little more busy work but wow. One of my classes won’t be too bad, just tedious. The other was surprising. I have a project, a book report, and another project to do this semester and much of that is actually due either while I’m in Russia or just before I leave. With pretty much all of my September weekends booked up with other things, I don’t know when I can get it all done. I will mostlikely have to turn in my assignments and midterms early due to the Mission trip. I know that I can do and that I will do it, it just makes me a little nervous. I had intended on getting ahead on the assignments before the classes officially started but since I”ve had to work til 8pm everynight and some Saturdays I haven’t had time. I’ve actually been staying at work til 9pm at the earliest just trying to find my desk for the next day. This has definitely been one of the worst rushes so far. Please pray for me if you will. I know many of you do already and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

Today Justin is at the race in Bristol with some church friends. He probably won’t be home til around 2am or so. I was able to sleep in a little which felt good (I was up a lot of the night coughing). Java and I have been to the dump and outside a bit this morning already. I’m steadily plowing away at my “to do” list I’ve been compiling since I haven’t been home most nights to clean. Today at 3pm is a party for our Sunday School Class. It’s at a man from our church’s house. He has a pool! woohoo! This white girl is going swimming! While I don’t think many people from our class are going to be able to make it, we do have about 3 new prospects coming that have just started at GWU. I’m very excited. Justin was able to talk to them on Wednesday night at church and invited them to the party. They came by the Bookstore on Thursday to get directions to the party. I really hope they will like us and continue to come to Crestview.

Ok, enough babbling. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday Walker!!!!


Today is the most special day! Today is my little nephew’s very first Birthday. I can’t believe it’s already been a year and to think that he was never supposed to be born according to doctors. Eat that docs 😉 hehe

I love you little man! Happy Birthday!walker-tractor.jpg

Ask, Seek, Knock


We had a guest Preacher this past Sunday (our pastor’s brother David). He has preached for us before. David and his wife had just gotten back from a mission trip and he was excited to tell us about it. He said, which is what I’ve discovered while over in Moscow, that you go on these trips expecting to minister to someone else when in fact you are the one that seems to get the most ministered to. He talked about the excitement and asked us to remember back to when we were first saved and the excitement and emotion we felt. He asked us what happened to that excitement. Well it got me thinking back to when I was saved. Up in New Jersey I went to a First Reformed Church. Since I have never been one to really pay much attention to the nit picky politics of a church, I couldn’t tell you much that is different from other denominations. All I know is that wherever I’ve been it’s been with people that love Jesus and want to serve Him. Anyway…back to my point… I don’t know if any of you are even interested in knowing but I felt the need to share about the day I was saved.

In 1992, I believe I was about 11 or so, I remember sitting with the other kids outside our Sunday school classrooms one Sunday morning as we were singing our usual Sunday songs. My mom was the Director there and led the pre Sunday School worship for the children. I always loved church. I never felt like staying home or sleeping in, I just wanted to go. But until that day I never knew the real reason for church. My mom showed us all a picture of Jesus standing outside a door. I remember her asking us to pay real close attention to it to see if we could find what was “wrong” with the picture. After a few moments she explained to us that Jesus was standing outside the door to our hearts and there was no doorknob on the outside. She told us that He was knocking and waiting for us to let him in from the inside. She asked us if we wanted to welcome Jesus in our hearts and I remember right then and there praying and saying, “Yes Jesus, I want you to be in my heart”. From then on my life has been so much better. It is so true. He is always standing there waiting for us. He would never leave us, but He waits for us to make the decision to let Him help. That is also why I love the “Footprints” poem so much.

Matthew 7:7-8

“Ask and it will be given to you; see and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened”

My parents gave me a big framed picture of Jesus outside the door and we have it hanging over our mantel as a daily reminder.

God has NEVER let me down and never will! He is so good. Are you smiling right now remembering the day you were given eternal life? I hope so



I’m sure most of you have forgotten who I am by now since I haven’t been online or posting lately. Things have been so hectic lately that I don’t know if I’m coming or going. Right now and for the past month or so I have been in a pre-rush state at work. This has been the busiest presemester I’ve had. We lost Maxine at the Bookstore. She moved to Florida, so Cary has had to learn her position and do her old position until we hired someone about 2 weeks ago. We both have been working extra hard and have dipped into each other’s jobs to help out. We have also been granted a new shipping room and have spent much time moving books and merchandise over there. Then we expanded our store out some and have had to move things around. On August 1st we openned our shipping center for the Fall semester. The first day we had 200 orders. Then we have had internet problems which I bet if you went to right now it wouldn’t pull up. At least it hasn’t for me since I’ve been home this weekend. On the 28th my classes officially begin. They’ve posted the online class info already but since the website doesn’t work I can’t check to see what I’m in for. I would love to say that I will be back to posting and online soon but It looks like it won’t be until September. We start our late hours coming up this Wednesday and for the next two weeks I’ll be working 8:30-8:30 everyday (gotta love having a salary position). We even have to stay late on Friday this week and we’re open this coming Saturday but I will not be there because we are having Walker’s 1st birthday party (a little early,it’s really on the 24th) and I won’t miss that for anything. He is growing so fast. He started walking at 10 months and is so smart. I can’t wait to see him again. Well, I’ve babbled long enough. I hope you all have a great week ahead of you. I hope to possibly have time during the late work hours to post but I guess we will see. I miss you all!