Diving right in


Although I wish I was talking about a swimming pool at this particular time…haha I’m actually talking about what I’ve gotten myself into. Starting this Fall I will be a full time Graduate Student here at GWU. I’ve decided to pursue my MBA (no jokes please haha) with an emphasis in Health Management. I’m hoping that it will help me to find a career somewhere in a Hospital or a Medical Office of some sort. I should complete my degree by August of 2008. The best news about it is, it’s absolutely free to me…Well as Dr. Negbenebor always says, “Nothing is free…Opportunity Cost”. I will be signing away my life for the next 4 years in order for this to happen. I have to work here while I’m in school and 2 years afterwards. I figure I’ve been here fulltime for 4, what’s 4 more? haha Hopefully it won’t be too long. Pray for me and pray for Justin because he will have to deal with my many tantrums hehe. I’m nervous about taking the GMAT now ($250 test). Please make checks out to…. just kidding. That is the only thing I will have to pay for and I have until January-ish to take the test. I’m nervous about going back to school and trying to do it full time while working but I know that God has a plan for me and that I can do it if I just try. My friend Cary that I work with is in the program too so we will get through it together.
So….what do you think?