Praise God


Hey Everyone…I can’t wait until I can sit down and finally update this thing on all that’s been going on. I’m sure by the time I do I’ll forget most of it but I’ll try. I have a Prayer Praise to share with you. This week has been inventory week, Vacation Bible School, and a book audit. So far, my book inventory went really well and this morning I had an audit on my books. It was a new guy and he checked at least 20 different books. Thankfully we aced it and got all of them correct. Now we just have to finish supply and GWU merchandise inventory by tomorrow. VBS doesn’t end until Thursday. Along with my Prayer Praise I have a Prayer request. It may sound silly but I ask that you all pray for Justin and I for we have both been going nonstop for awhile now and are both sick. I just ask that you pray that we will find good health again and also make it through the rest of this crazy week. Thanks guys! It’s so nice to know we’ve got people praying for us. Hopefully I’ll let you know how things go soon. Don’t give up on me. I can see the light hehe.