Prayer Request


Last week I found out that my first room mate Melissa Houghton was in a terrible accident. She was hit by a drunk driver. I was under the impression that she was walking when she got hit. Jennifer posted on a special site some information that she has found. Please add her to your prayers…

“Hey everyone!!!! I am FINALLY home from the hospital. I HATE it there. Although I did meet a very special man! I am doing ok! My right leg is broken, my tibia and fibia. No worries you know I will be ok! I have some stitches in my face, but I have a wonderful plastic surgeon so no worries!!! I hobble around on these crutches with two boots on my legs! It was no fun to be hit by a drunk driver, so I suggest that those of you who think you are ok to drive better be careful. I almost died last week, but it wasnt my time to go. I thank you guys for your thoughts and prayers! You are truly a blessing to me. Now I get to sit on my butt at home and have people pamper me, although I would rather be working or working out!! But please be careful, dont walk around thinking nothing can happen to you! Please dont drink and drive!
I love you all! Thank you again!