Just Put an Apple in My Mouth


*Oink Oink*

Today is Justin’s birthday but it sure feels like it could be mine haha. Today the ladies from the bookstore went to Olive Garden as a sort of farewell lunch for Maxine. Her last day with us is next Friday. She will be moving to Florida to be with her husband. We ate til we were beyond stuffed and the best part….it was free. Our boss gave us money to go.

Now today at 4:30ish Heather and I have scheduled to go to the wellness center and work out. I think I might have to take it a little easy today. This pot-bellied girl might not make it haha.

After that we will cool down and then we will meet up with Justin and his family at IHOP for supper. I might need to wear my pj pants hehe.

I’ll let ya know how all that goes haha.

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN AGAIN! I love that man! I just want you all to know that it’s okay to be jealous that you can never have him as your husband (well you ladies). I mean after all I am the luckiest gal around 🙂 So…show some sweetness to my hubby today.