Java Update


Java is doing much better. After a little scare on my part of her not eating or drinking, we took her back to the vet and suddenly she was much more perky and of course no one believed me haha. But I was glad to be more safe than sorry. She is eating and drinking again. Still not as much as she is used to but much better. She is getting her strength back too which is going to make things hard for the next week and a half. She already wants to play with her toys outside and we have to keep her on a leash most of the time so she isn’t tempted to take a dip in the creek. Poor girl! This morning she even jumped on the bed to tell Justin good morning (like she normally does) and then she was too scared to get down but we were able to get her down ok. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Just wish us luck in the next week and half to keep her as calm as can be.