My Baby Girl


I know some of you may be curious about Java. We picked her up yesterday around 4:30pm. The Vet had already gone home but the assistant was there. She told us to try to keep her as calm as possible for awhile and we all just laughed after she said it. Labs are very hyper dogs. We both got down on our knees when the lady went to go get her just so Java wouldn’t feel the need to jump up to us. It was so sad when she came through the door. She was wobbling around and barely wagging her tail. We could definitely tell she was drugged and uncomfortable. I rode in the back with her on the way home. She let out a few groans. Then we brought her right inside and she laid down on the floor for awhile. Roy, our neighbor, returned from his beach trip and came inside to see her (they are best friends hehe). Java, although still in much discomfort was still trying to guard our home when she heard the door, but once she found out it was him her tail wagged harder than it did when she saw us haha.

This morning she is starting to look more like Java to us. She seems to have slept through the night okay. She still hasn’t eaten anything. I hope she will try eatting a little something tonight. She drinks a little bit but mostly just wants to lay down. I really hope she recovers quickly, at least to where she is happy again. It’s rough on a mom’s heart strings. I couldn’t believe they didn’t give her any medicine to take for a few days until she recovered a little bit. My baby girl is a tough one though. I love her!