Nothing else to Blog about…


I figured that since I’ve been on a roll with my blogging lately, that I couldn’t stop now. I don’t really have anything new and exciting to share but I am excited that last night, for the first time in forever! I slept really really well.  I might have woken up once at the usual 6am time but other than that, I slept right through.  So good that I had sheet marks all over the place.  I think I’ve been doing better at the sleeping thing because this week Heather and I have started back walking together after work.  We walked only 2 times this week but once for an hour and the other for an hour and a half pretty fast paced.  Justin and I have also been trying to remain active after work while it’s still daylight. We spend much of our time outside with Java or home improving.  I love the Spring daylight!