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Nothing else to Blog about…


I figured that since I’ve been on a roll with my blogging lately, that I couldn’t stop now. I don’t really have anything new and exciting to share but I am excited that last night, for the first time in forever! I slept really really well.  I might have woken up once at the usual 6am time but other than that, I slept right through.  So good that I had sheet marks all over the place.  I think I’ve been doing better at the sleeping thing because this week Heather and I have started back walking together after work.  We walked only 2 times this week but once for an hour and the other for an hour and a half pretty fast paced.  Justin and I have also been trying to remain active after work while it’s still daylight. We spend much of our time outside with Java or home improving.  I love the Spring daylight!

Free Demo


I just happened upon this article and found it truly awesome.

One of the nurses, Mary Blome, marveled that two registered nurses, a man strong enough to lift the woman from her vehicle, and the handy defibrillator all happened to turn up at once.”That just doesn’t happen,” she said.

So….never forget that you are where you are at each exact moment for a reason.  So remember that next time you are stuck in traffic.  You either have the possibility of helping someone by being where you are or of avoiding a wreck because you are where you are.



Ok, so Justin doesn’t think they are Grackles so we’ll go with Starlings.  They look similar….


New Renters


The past couple Springs Justin and I have had some Grackles’ living in our gutters.  We keep forgetting to close up the hole.  They love to sit on the antenna on top of the house and use the restroom.  Our backyard is usually full of them in the evenings.  They are somewhat cute but mostly just odd looking.  Hopefully we will remember at the end of this season.  Here’s a pic of the lovely little buggas hehe


Let Go and Let God


I was listening to WMIT this morning on the way to work and heard Ann Graham Lotts’ (I think that’s how you spell her name) brief message.  She was talking about letting things go in your life that stress you and instead letting God move with it. She had a good point.   She asked, is it that the concept is so easy and straight forward that we have such a hard time doing it? (I don’t remember the exact quote to quote it).  I tend to have a hard time completely letting something go for God to take.  It’s like that trust game where you fall backwards and trust that someone will catch you.  Even if it was Justin behind me saying he would catch me, I still think I would have a hard time letting my body fully relax and not try to stop myself.  It’s something that I try to work on everyday.  To stop worrying about things and just know that they will be taken care of.  They always have before.  I might not like the way things may seem but in hind sight I can see things clearly.  Anyway, I say all this because it makes me think of our Moscow Team Meeting last night.

Jeremy shared with us about the Russian Missionary, Genady and his wife Vica.  He has been jobless for well over a year.  He was jobless when we were there last year.  Eventually they had to give up their apartment and spread their belongings amongst church friends.  For awhile they stayed at an American’s (Mark Sprinkle) apartment while he was visiting the US. Then they had to move out of there because of renovations.  Vica had to take their daughters to stay with her mom in another town.  Genady stayed behind still searching for work.  After over a year of faithful prayers, they have been answered in a miraculous way.  Brad and Lori’s sons (the American Missionaries) started playing basketball this year.  They met another family through playing together and the father approached Brad and told him of his support for what Brad and Lori were doing.  He decided to give them a donation on two conditions (he didn’t know what they spent it on and that Brad never ask him for another dime).  That being said, the man donated enough money to provide Genady and Vica with an apartment for over a year.  In the mean time Genady has found a part time job and is still able to devote time to the church.  After meeting Genady and Vica on our last trip, I have no doubt of the Faith these two have.  I know they were able to “let go and let God” without hesitation.

Praise God for all the awesome things He does in HIS time!  We may not understand the time table but must know there are reasons for everything.

Happy Birthday April!!!


Happy Birthday April! I hope things are going well for you in Virginia.   When you get a chance sometime, send me a quick email to update me on job stuff and all.  Miss you!

A new blog header image?


Perfume funny.jpg

My Pastor sent this along with a few other funnies.  I couldn’t resist. Anyone else know what I mean? haha

Another Columbine?


I stumbled upon this latest news article a few minutes ago. It’s quite upsetting how the kids these days are going down hill. Where are the moms and dads? Why is no one paying attention to these kids?

He was an “oddball,” student Trenton Berry told ABC. “Everybody picked on him and everything.”

Norman also mentioned bullying and said investigators had learned the suspects liked violent video games.

I think it’s about time that people as a whole stopped worrying so much about the next dollar and started worrying and caring about the people.

What do you think?