This weekend


This weekend we watched our friends’ son Peyton for them while they went out for the evening to celebrate their anniversary.  It turns out their anniversary is our “6 month” anniversary.  Peyton was so good for us.  We took him to McDonalds and then the park.  Then we played outside with Java a little and then played with some of Justin’s old car toys.  Then it was time for Chicken Little.  Peyton helped to place and bake some cookies and we had popcorn too.  Justin is so good with children.  It makes me excited for the time when Walker is old enough for us to take places.  It was definitely fun.

Then on Sunday night, we went to Polk County to share our Moscow story with the congregation.  We spoke for about an hour.  It felt like just yesterday that we were there.  The memories came back so easily.  I think they really enjoyed hearing about it and were very supportive.  Before the service we were able to take Java to see her mom (River) and Maple.  They all played and ran and even got in the creek.  Good times!