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Merry Late Christmas


I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to post a Merry Christmas message this year…on time anyway. I do hope that everyone had a great Christmas with their families and that we all remembered baby Jesus. Justin and I had a hectic but awesome Christmas this year. I hope to elaborate more soon. I’ve been meaning to update at home in a spare moment but Justin’s main house computer died during the ice storm so I’ve had to wait. So much has been going on. I hope to remember to tell you everything. Things here at work have been quite busy due to shipping books for Spring and inventories so I haven’t been able to blog from work. Hopefully soon. Don’t give up on me and Happy New Year. Don’t forget to get that kiss 😉 this year.

Happy Santa Day?


I’ll make this a brief entry for now but I was in the store last night with Justin and was suddenly overwhelmed with this feeling of disgust. I told Justin I was anti-Santa Claus this year(not to take that away from little kids) because that seems to be all that Christmas has come to be. It’s either “Happy Holidays” or “HO, HO, HO, I’ll bring you video games”. What are we teaching our children? What are we as Christians allowing this Awesome Day of Jesus’ birth to become?

This year (and every year) I truly encourage you to go out of your way to tell someone….everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS! or HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

Christmas shouldn’t be about getting presents, it should be about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, our savior. This is the most special day of all! Without Jesus we would be nothing and Heaven would certainly not be an option. So instead of reading “The Night Before Christmas” this year. Read the Christmas story straight from the Bible.