Big Boys and Girls


I’ve decided that it’s about time that our faculty here at GWU grows up. My job, as you all know, is to order the books for each semester. I usually send out plenty of reminder emails before the deadlines to the faculty to turn in their book orders. I even call some. Well I’m tired of it! They are adults and in most cases much older than me. Surely 5 reminder emails is plenty. Against the advice from other workers here I have decided that I’m done reminding. They know when the due date WAS (October 10th) and have chosen to ignore it. So, come the first day of class they will figure out that they have not turned their orders in. Normally I give many chances but lately I’ve just been getting chewed out from professors for my reminders saying that it’s “a bit much” so I’ll take that advice.

Have a grand day 🙂