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Poor Baby :(


Well, Java seems to slowly be passing the collar but yesterday after work we noticed that her right eye is infected. Poor thing, I just wanted to make it all better for her. She looked miserable yet in her own Java way was trying to be happy and make her parents proud. Today we have an appointment to see Dr. Nicopoulus at 3pm for him to check her out. Pray that she can be healed quickly and that we won’t have to take out a second mortgage after getting the bill hehe.

new one…


Yesterday when I got home from work I was getting Java to let her go out and noticed she wasn’t wearing her collar. I looked in her crate and all I saw was the plastic clasp and the leash ring. Yes…Java ate her collar! I was worried like any dog mom would be but she has been acting like normal and eating, drinking, and even pooping. We have yet to see anything red come out but hope this afternoon it will all be better. I called the vet this morning and he said “not another foreign body in your pet.” He remembers us well from when Pixel had to have his surgery to remove some plastic from his intestines. Let’s hope that Java can pass the fabric and won’t have to have surgery. Mom and Dad’s wallet isn’t that big.

The Critic…


Yay for Lost
Yay for Grey’s Anatomy
Boo on ER
Weird on Invasion
Yay for Desperate Housewives
Yay for Everwood
Yay for CSI
Boo on 7th heaven
Totally Yay for Over There
Yay for House

I guess I don’t have that many Boo’s because I don’t watch what makes me say Boo hehe