Get Back Here!


Last night Justin and I let the cats out of the basement for a little while. They have been down there since I think Saturday. Justin had to do some light sanding before applying the last coat of poly on our floors. The boys went straight to our bedroom and Apache got in the window and Pixel on my dresser. When Justin was ready to start the poly I went to gather the cats to put them back in the basement. I found Pixel right away and put him downstairs. I then tried to find Apache. We both looked everywhere! He was nowhere to be found. Then I heard a really faint meow and thought maybe he had gotten into our air ducts. Then I went back to the window where he was and saw that the screen was no longer there and the window was wide open. We ran to the front door to go try to find him and he was standing right by the door. We thought all was good. Then he turned around and hopped over the wall and headed back to the window. We thought he was going to jump back in but instead he made a turn to go to the backyard. For those that don’t know, Apache is the all black cat and it was dark out so that made it really hard to find him. Luckily we were able to find him and grab him but not before giving both mom and dad a heart attack.