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Baby by Tuesday


Hey everyone…we are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of our nephew. Erin is still doing well. Last Thursday when she went to the doc he told her that he would be going out of town on Wednesday and if she hasn’t had the baby by Tuesday to make an appointment and he would help her along. We were hoping she would have the baby yesterday so we would have the whole weekend to travel and be there but at least we know she will have it by Tuesday. We are so excited and overjoyed. Please remember to continue keeping them in your prayers.

I can’t wait to be an aunt!

Baby! Baby!


Erin called after her appointment today and it looks like she is 4 centimeters dilated and 90 % effaced, however you spell it. I’m so excited! The doctor said she could go at any time so Justin and I are excited and ready to jump in the car. Please pray for Erin and Mike and the baby that everything will go smoothly in the next few days. Thanks guys! I’ll update more as soon as I can and as soon as I hear something.

Happy Birthday Pixel


Happy Birthday to my baby boy. Can you believe he is two already?

Pixel and his dad

Happy Bday!!!


Mandino, I know you are in Charleston but I wanted to wish you a Happy Bday in blogging land. What an awesome present to get to go to Charleston for your bday! I hope you have a great time. Your card is coming but I’m mailing it late so you can get it when you return. Love ya!

Happy Birthday


Happiest of Birthday wishes for Christine Moorman…wow that is weird now that you are married. I hope you have an awesome day!

Trip to Charleston


We’re back and it’s been a great mini-vacation. I wish we all had more time and more money to go on a longer trip. It was great though, to just get away from the stresses of work for a few days. We had a great time. We stayed at Shem Creek Inn and had a lot of time to just be lazy and truly relax. It rained most of the day on Monday but we still got out and about seeing Fort Moultrie and Patriot’s Point. We even swam in the pool for a little bit inbetween showers. We didn’t get to spend much time at the beach due to the weather but made a big effort to at least walk on it a bit. We all joked around a lot and it was just awesome. Even the trip there and back was fun. Hopefully Justin will be posting some pics soon of our trip.

Charleston Bound


This morning I am at the Bookstore (yes, on a Saturday). It is graduation day so we have to be open from 8-2pm. I’m trying to get all the last minute things done before I leave so that these guys here won’t be too confused while I’m gone. Justin, his parents, and I are heading to Charleston tomorrow morning. After I leave here today I’m packing and Justin and I will drop off Java at my parents and then head back to Polk County for the night. We will be back mostlikely on Tuesday. A short trip but still lots of fun and I definitely need a break. I’ve been feeling the hint of a cold coming on lately and I hope it will hold off til we get back.

Erin and Mike are well on their way to being parents. Erin is starting her 37th week of pregnancy. We are all hoping she won’t get any ideas this weekend while we are away. But if she does we will find our way there for sure! Please continue to keep them in your prayers for this is the scary part….the realization that it is really going to happen. I know Justin and I can’t wait to be an aunt and uncle.

See ya later!

Oh, and for now my comments are down…too much spam! Hopefully my dear husband will have it back up and running soon.



Hey guys, I thought I’d update you on Teamkid last night at church. Heather came to help. The kids were great. I’d only ever watched the 3,4,5s and they are crazy wild. These kids were anxious to learn and just at that stage where they can read and sit still. I had to teach them about death. That was interesting. I had the kids read Psalm 23:4 that I had typed on a piece of paper and they passed it down and read it out loud. Then we talked about family, friends, and pets that had died. Then I read to them about how a Christian will get 3 new things in heaven (new body, new home, new life). I didn’t think they were listening too well to that part but at the end Heather asked them what the three things were and they got all three. Then I read to them how Heaven will have streets of gold and will have jewels and pearls. I asked them to draw a picture of what they thought Heaven would look like. They did great! One boy drew clouds with cherries in them. Another girl drew gold streets with stop signs. They each had such great ideas. Then at the very end I had 12 balloons each with a message in side. Since there were 6 kids they each got two and had to play “keep it up”. Then as their parents came they got to pop them and read the messages about Heaven (such as In heaven…we will see Jesus). They loved it and the parents did too.