How Awesome…


…it is to have a husband like mine! I realized tonight as I was rereading his old live journal how much I tend to take him for granted. He means more than the world to me and more than my last breath. Sometimes it’s just the simple things that he does that makes me smile inside. Like…most Saturday mornings he gets up early and keeps the dog entertained just so I can sleep an extra hour. He tolerates my phone calls from the bookstore when I am having computer issues. He holds my hand in the car and eggs me on when I’m mad just to make me eventually laugh cuz he’s so darn cute. Then there’s times he holds me til I’m done crying. When he goes out of his way to make me laugh. When he brings me breakfast or helps me out in any way possible.

I love you Justin and I pray that our love will only grow stronger over the years. I can’t believe it’s already almost been one. I pray that I can show you everyday what you mean to me and that I won’t take you for granted. Thank you for all you give me and do for me.

(if you think this is too sappy then I really hate that you have no idea what love is and how it feels and I pray that you find it one day)