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I just found this article about Teddy Ruxpin. It appears he may be making a come back!



Ladies and gentlemen, this past Sunday we started our “Ramblin Road Trip” Vacation Bible School at Crestview. Boy do we have a lot of energetic kids. Justin is in charge of teaching the groups about Missions each night and I am teaching/helping the 3,4,5 year old class.

The first night was just plain wild. The kids didn’t listen. They were hyper because it was the weekend and they had built up energy to use. We “went” to Washington D.C. on Sunday night with 8 boys and 4 girls. One of the girls is still in diapers and most of the boys are just wild. Each night we travel to different stations. The first station is with the whole group. We get pumped up and learn about the destination for the night. Then we go to our class for 15 minutes to learn and then off to see Mr. Justin at Missions. Then we head to snack, recreation, music, art, and then back to the room for the last 30 minutes to learn. I must say I was a bit shocked when we got to art and the kids were using Sharpie markers! The art time is 30 minutes and the craft only took about 10 so the kids were running everywhere. The first night we played duck duck goose until time to move on. Last night we took them outside on the grass to just run their little hearts out.

Last night was my night to teach. We “went” to Chicago. The first 15 minute learning session I taught the kids about Chicago. We also remembered where we went on Sunday. We learned about baseball and football, and the Sears tower. We saw on the map how far away Chicago is and talked about how we would get there. We decided we could not get there on a bike, but maybe a van. Then we learned about Chicago being a windy city. We had an indoor Pooh kite and all got under it and huffed and puffed. Then we sat back down and with a little help from Mr. box fan we were able to see how windy it is in Chicago by watching the kite fly. There was just enough time to hint about what are lesson would teach later on. We sat in a line and passed a necklace down the line and each saying “Thank you” as one kid put the necklace on another. Then we went to see Mr. Justin. He got the kids to sit as still as they could and watch a video about missionaries. Then he asked them questions and had a prayer with them. Mr. Justin also was able to help supervise the boys while on potty break haha.

The last 30 minutes I told the kids a story about Jesus. The story of Jesus walking along and finding 10 sick men outside the city and how Jesus healed the men and one of the men ran back and thanked Jesus. We had fun counting to 10 really loud. I kept asking them to tell me how many men Jesus saw. Then we talked about being sick and how we didn’t like it. And one of the girls said “Jesus can move mountains.” She was so precious. Once story time was over we got in a circle and tossed a ball around and learned to thank God for everything. Everyone got a turn to catch the ball and Thank God for something. They surprisingly did it without fighting and actually behaved. We didn’t have time to color our thank you notes to God but were able to take them home to color later.

Three more nights to go! Wish us luck! I teach again on Wednesday about being helpful. Good luck tonight Melissa with your lesson.



This week at work we have been preparing for some new renovations. On Thursday (tomorrow) we will be getting new office furniture and cubicles. I am very excited to have some real furniture like the many other offices around here. Hopefully our backroom will look more like offices instead of a warehouse. Today we are emptying everything from our desks and work areas except our computers and tomorrow morning we will be computerless probably until next week. So be careful if you email me at school because I may not get it until Monday. Friday I am taking the day off here to go to Kelly’s daycare to help her for the afternoon so my parents can go to a luncheon. Hopefully the new kids won’t be scared of me. It will be fun to spend the day with Kelly. Have a great afternoon everyone!



I would like to wish my husband the most happy of birthdays today. He has now caught up to his wonder wife in age and hopefully in wisdom. It’s the first time I get to wish him a Happy Bday as my husband. I love you so much honey! I hope today is an awesome day for you!

Oh, and I wanted to draw attention to the lovely bold lettering in my entry. It’s not just any kind of bold entry. I observed a way to do it from Maxine in the Bookstore and Justin taught me the updated way to make something bold with <> and things 😉 Anyone proud? haha