This past Friday I went straight into work and started working on the book inventory. I counted from 9am to about 5pm and finished up but still had to input the counts in my courseworks program. The report that I used to count the books was listed by title and the report that I had to input the counts to was by author so it took me twice as long to get it done. I finally finished at 8:30pm and headed home. I really wanted to get it done then so I wouldn’t have to come back in on Saturday. I wanted to be able to sleep in. I should have known better because Java woke me up around 7ish and then Justin decided just to get up a little before 8 and by then I was awake. It was good though because we got to talk to our neighbor some and take the garbage to the dump. Java even got to ride along. Then we brought her back and headed to Lowes to do some dreaming. We got some mulch while there and Justin spread it around while I showered and got ready. Then he got ready and we were off to Heather’s house to meet everyone for our GWU get together. It was good to catch up on everyones’ lives and we even played Turbo Cranium. It was a lot of fun. Heather and Jessica won.

Then we went to Fatz and had lousy service but a good meal and more fun. Then the two married folks had to be party poopers and go grocery shopping and to let Java out. After that we watched “Return of the Jedi” and I ended up going to bed around 11:15 from exhaustion while Justin toughed it out to see the end (I had already seen it before).

Today we got up extra early and ventured to Polk County to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church to surprise family and friends. We hung out a bit and ate lunch and had to head back to Shelby to let the dog out. It’s rough having a child haha. We were finally able to catch a late nap and the end of the race. I’m just sure that Tony Stewart cheated in some way. Now it’s almost 11pm and I’m about to hop in the bed while Justin plays Battlefield…we’ve been doing that a lot lately but it seems to be working out pretty good. I never hear him come to bed which is odd for me but nice that I don’t get disturbed hehe.

Night all!