VBS Finale


Yes folks, tonight is the final night of this year’s VBS!!! We have almost made it through our Ramblin’ Road trip. I haven’t done dishes in a week (and you know Justin hasn’t hehe), my car is a mess and filled with VBS props, and I haven’t even had time to see much of Justin this week either.

Last night’s lesson went well. The kids were starting to get tired for the week. We had some rowdy ones but nothing too hard to handle. We “went” to Yellowstone National Park last night. Thanks to my mom and Kelly I was able to bring in some pictures and stuffed animals to show the kids. The second session I had to seriously shorten the Bible story about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and then I called them one by one and “washed” their feet. They were pretty good while I did it because they wanted to be the next one I called. Then we talked about being helpful. I took them two at a time and blind folded one. Then I spun him/her around and then had the other help guide them around some chairs. They all seemed to love it and learned about helping one another. It also made them quiet for when parents came to pick them up haha. I’m just glad that tonight I don’t have to teach and I just get to help tame the children haha. Tonight we are going to Knoxberry Farm.

Everyone have a great night and I’m sorry for all those I haven’t been able to call, see, or speak to lately. I miss you guys!