Ok, so I hate driving in Greensboro! It’s almost as bad as Atlanta sometimes. Too many one way streets and “no uturns” and “no left turns”. If you miss a street how are you supposed to ever turn around!!!

Well Kelly and I had a good time getting to the mall in Greensboro. We took the wrong exit by mistake and eventually had to call upon my dear husband to direct us around using google maps. It was a team effort and turned out to be fun.

We finally arrived at the mall and found Erin. We spent the entire afternoon together eating lunch and shopping around for baby stuff and maternity clothes. I tell you what…when Justin and I are ready someday to have kids, I sure hope the same clothes are in style so I can borrow off of Erin. I can’t believe how expensive that stuff is. They truly take advantage of a woman’s situation.

Erin is now in her 27th week of pregnancy, ending her second trimester. God is so awesome! Erin is doing great and looks great! The baby is active and very healthy so far. I get more and more excited about being an aunt as the days go on. I can’t wait! I’ve already asked off for whatever day I need to have off haha. Try asking your boss for that….(“uh, I don’t know the day yet but can I have it off?”) haha.

It was a great trip and Kelly and I did a lot of catching up. I had so much fun! We need to do that more often. Justin even got to go to Polk County and play a little football and hang out with friends and family.