First late night of the Season


Today is the first day of Divinity classes at GWU. We were told to be open until 6:30pm tonight. While I had a few minutes I decided to check the Divinity schedule online and found that there are no classes starting late tonight. So pretty much we are staying open until 6:30pm for no reason. And…of course the infamous store manager is nowhere in sight and hasn’t been for most of the day. I would feel guilty to get a paycheck for something that I didn’t earn. If I sat at home or played raquetball or ran some personal errands during the day I wouldn’t feel right about getting a full paycheck. It’s a little different to do it now and then but just about everyday is crazy! I guess that’s why we, the peons are here. Ok I must go start a game of solitaire hehe. Have a grand night! Oh, and 24 is on tonight!!!! Season finale (2 hours). Don’t miss it!