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What do you think of the new look? Is it cool or do we miss the pandas? Let me know…I love to hear feedback.



Outgoing (E) 62.5% Withdrawn (I) 37.5%
Realistic (S) 61.76% Imaginative (N) 38.24%
Emotional (F) 67.65% Intellectual (T) 32.35%
Organized (J) 59.38% Improvised (P) 40.63%
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Our trip…By Justin


Moscow Mission trip

looking for suggestions


As you all know, Justin and I are going to Russia at the end of the month on our church Mission trip. While I’m not exactly sure how long the flight will be, I know it will be pretty long. I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions of some books to read (nothing church members would frown upon but good at the same time). I like the typical sweet love story like “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks (I’ve read just about all his books), suspense, mystery, just about anything. If you have a good one that you’ve read lately let me know. Thanks!

something new


I’ve been wanting to learn something crafty. I think I am going to make a few pillows and then I might try crochet or something of the sorts. I used to make baskets…I might do that. Any suggestions?

Awful House


Yesterday Justin and I went to Waffle House to eat since we hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet and didn’t quite have enough essentials to form a meal. I met him there as he was on his way back from Duncan, SC for work. I forget what time it really was but somewhere around 5:30 or 6 and we went in and realized that we would never go back to Waffle House before dark. We know the people are strange there late at night but we experienced a whole new strange last night. It wasn’t quite dark yet and the sun was setting in my eyes so Justin and I were trying to find the string to pull down the blinds when this old smoka lady (dressed in a matching dark pink sweat pants and sweatshirt) comes over in a gravely voice and says “Here I’ll do you, you’ll never figure out how to do it. I know what I’m doing.” She then leans over me to pull the same string I was pulling (how hard is it lol). She didn’t even work there but I guess she was one of the “regulars” because she was talking all the gossip to the workers.

It took about 5-10 minutes before the waitress even approached us (the place was not crowded). Then we waited awhile and finally got COLD waffles and, in Justin’s words had, “the worst cup of coffee I’ve had in my life.” More strange old people came in as we were starting to hurry and finish. Then the same smoka came back over and reaches over me again and pulls the blinds back up.

I think next time we go, we will wait for the younger freaky people.

Big News!


It appears that Boiling Springs is going to get a McDonalds! Wow, BS is finally waking up and expanding. It will be located at the corner of the stoplight where the BP is now. Cool!