back breaker


For those of you that don’t know I threw my back out on Monday morning. As GWU staff we had Monday off for “Spring Break.” What do you know, I throw my back out before even getting out of the bed. Actually being truthful I got out of bed when Justin did to get him some breakfast and keep him company while he got ready for work. Then I went back to bed for a couple hours and when I went to get up my back went out. It’s been doing that off and on since last winter when I fell on ice at work. This time has been one of the longest times it has bothered me. I ended up not going to work yesterday and this morning I felt a little better but as the day has gone on I’ve been getting more and more stiff and the actual area in my lower back/hip has been hurting again. The rest of my back has been throbbing from how I’ve had to stand/sit/lay. Wish me luck! 3 hours to go!

Does anyone happen to have any expertise on Worker’s Comp? I went to the doctor on worker’s comp a year ago and wondered if this could still be considered since it’s from that injury.