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What a game!


Talk about wanting to call in sick today to avoid the rath of the Puke…I mean Duke fans. Carolina played a terrible game last night. It seems someone convinced them to put butter on their hands before the game! There were so many shots they should/could have had. McCants should have just stayed on the bench. Felton was able to help us out a lot until the last few seconds of the game. If only he had gone for the shot, the outcome would have been very different. Oh well, it’s not like a 71-70 winning score is anything really to be proud about…that was a pure luck win. We’ll see how things turn out on our court in March.

On a funny note, I had a voicemail first thing this morning from a boss of my boss who is a Puke fan. He wanted to know why I hadn’t stopped by his office with a grin yet this morning. Funny stuff! I’ll get him in March. hehe

Good news!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that Justin and I heard the most AWESOME thing the other day….our niece/nephew’s heartbeat! Erin and Mike had an appointment on Tuesday and were given a great report! The baby is doing fine and actually 3 days ahead of schedule. The baby’s heartbeat is very strong too! We weren’t able to go see the video or see the pictures but they called us and let us hear the heartbeat over the phone. Erin has 1 more week (or til the beginning of next week) until she is through with her first trimester. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers! They are definitely working and being felt! The doctor’s are even telling Erin she can ease up on some of the medication she is on.



Ok so it didn’t snow once again! I am totally bummed that I have to be here at work. It is such a slow, rainy, nasty day! Today is “University Fellows” day where prospective students come and interview for scholarships. Of course this means that Bonnie has to part beyond Egypt in the rain. It’s always fun to drive around for 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot.

I have caught up on all my ordering to date and work and now I’m just sitting and waiting for something to help me pass the time until lunch and then until I can go home. It’s the perfect day to be lazy in bed. Oh well, maybe it will snow next year or maybe this Summer since it decided to be warm throughout winter so far hehe.

On a lighter note, I’ve gotten the wedding pics off the CDs and onto our computer at home. Now all I have to do is get Justin to put them on his site hehe. We are closer than we were before though so maybe before our one year anniversary you will see some pics hehe. We also have some new pics of our babies (Apache, Pixel, and Java).

I’m gonna go twiddle my thumbs some more. Have a great wet day!

Shore Jr.


Ok guys, it’s time to start praying again or for some to continue with prayers. Erin and Mike go back to the doctor on Tuesday for a checkup. I believe it marks 3 months for Shore Jr. hehe Please pray that everything will still be great and the baby and Erin be strong and healthy. I will keep you updated the best I can. Thanks everyone!

Baby Shopping


This past Friday I was able to take some time off of work and meet Erin in Greensboro to go clothes shopping for Erin. I must say I did learn a lot about maternity clothes that I didn’t know before. As bad luck should have it, I only got to spend a few hours with Erin before having to head back home. I had so much fun though and get more and more excited everyday! Erin and baby continue to stay strong and healthy. She goes back in a few weeks for another checkup. I even got to see some pics of the baby hehe. It’s pretty tiny but still an exciting thing to see.

I was talking to Erin about what she thought she was having. I told her she was having a boy, because as long as I can remember I have pictured her with a boy. I also told her to never listen to me because always, when given a 50-50 chance I somehow pick the wrong 50. So, she will probably have a girl hehe but either way I will be so happy!

Well, I might blog more later but have to get some work done for now. See ya!