prayers needed


Today around 5:30 or 6pm my sister Kelly called me to let me know that my grandma was going to the hospital. My dad was at work but left to go see what was going on. Apparently they brought her to the hospital for “shortness of breath”. My mom just called me a few minutes ago to tell me they found that she has pneumonia in both of her lungs. She is 88 (89 the end of this month) and has alzheimers. My dad said she can’t stand having tubes and wires on her and keeps forgetting what they are for and trying to take them off. She says she is really tired too and has a hard time breathing. They are going to keep her overnight in a regular room and said they will let her leave tomorrow if nothing changes.

I REALLY don’t like that hospital! Almost the same thing happened to my other grandma there. They made light of the situation and told us she would come home the next morning. That morning was when we got the phone call that she had passed away. I’ve not heard good news at all about that hospital and I used to work there (volunteer). I know how they take their time doing things and slack off.

I really wanted to post to let you know of the situation and ask for your prayers, that no matter what, God’s Will be done and to pray for me and my family as we wait. Thank you all so much! You have always been there for me and I’ll keep you posted as I find more out.