my little pony


Java is continuing to grow all the time. I’m always afraid for her to sleep because I know when she wakes up she will be a foot taller haha. Yesterday she was able to get up on the bed without help. Sometimes when she runs at me she reminds me of a little baby pony. She has learned how to sit…most of the time on command. Last night Justin and I were watching a movie and we looked around and both our boys (the cats) and Java were sleeping…Pixel on the chair, Apache on the loveseat, and Java next to us on the couch. It was one of those sweet moments when all seems right with the world.

In a few months Justin and I will be a part of our church Relay for Life team again. We did it last year and had a really good time and got to know more people from the church. This year I’m excited that I might be able to bring Java along to walk with and for motivation.

Well, I’m gonna get started with some work and just hope that this day flies so the weekend can start.