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so I’m a little slow….


So this result does not surprise me according to the questions asked…

I am nerdier than 31% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

one more thing….


For those of you who have frantically been looking for ways to help Justin and I (and our Mission team) raise money for our trip…here is the perfect opportunity! You can purchase $1 tickets from us to be entered in a drawing for a queen size Russian made quilt. I can assure you that it is beautiful and if you would like to see a picture let us know. I know some of you are saying…”but I don’t need/want a quilt” here is the perfect idea for a gift and it’s cheap too. Just buy some tickets and if you win you have a great gift and if you lose then you know you helped us get to Moscow. Isn’t that great! A win-win situation! I can’t wait to hear from you! Just send me a quick comment and I’ll get you more info if you’d like. Thanks guys!

The end of rush!


Hey everyone, it finally appears that we at the bookstore have successfully finished another season of rush. After not having computers all day yesterday until 5:30pm and many other little snags along the way, it has seemed like a VERY long two weeks. I believe we calculated that we have worked approximately 112 hours in two weeks. I, personally, am exhausted and plan to veg out as long as possible this weekend. Somewhere in these two weeks I’ve managed to pick up a terrible sinus cold/sickness. If I’m not better by Monday I will probably end up giving in and going to the doctor for some real medicine.

I also wanted to take this time to share how awesome my husband is! I don’t think I’ve told him enough lately how much he means to me. This morning I was running late as usual getting out the door. While I was in the shower Justin made breakfast and a hot chocolate to go for me, he took care of the boys and Java, started my car, and brought me oj and a vitamin. It is so great to know that I have such a loving husband that cares so much for me, not only when I’m sick but always. I hope that I can show him each and everyday how much he means to me. I love you honey!

I know some of you are anxious to hear updates on Erin and Mike and their little one. I haven’t talked to them in a few days but so far so good. Please continue to keep them in your prayers and thoughts. We all appreciate it so very much! I am anxiously awaiting her next doctor visit at the end of February when she will be a full 3 months along. Her due date is August 27th I believe (mark your calendars hehe).

I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend! Stay warm…and dry!

thank you for praying!


I wanted to thank all of you for your prayers! I’m sorry I couldn’t say what for earlier. I’m probably not supposed to really post it on here yet but I’m a firm believer in prayer. I think that God loves it when His people humble themselves and get on their knees and pray. And I feel that the more people that pray, the better. Last week my sister Erin and brother-in-law Mike had a very important Doctor’s appointment. They have been trying to have a baby for some time now and sadly have lost 2. I am VERY happy to report that at the doctor’s appointment they found a healthy heartbeat and everything looks to be on track! God is Great! It also looks like Justin and I will be an aunt and uncle in August. Now that you know the news please keep my sister and Mike and the baby in your prayers. Thank you so much!

Prayers requested


Hey everyone, I wanted to use the power of blogging to ask a favor. I wondered if you would be willing to say a prayer after reading this. I can’t tell you why just yet but I will find something out around 2 today and even though I can’t tell you yet I know that God will understand your prayers. Don’t worry it isn’t directly about me. I thank you so much for your help and hope to have a good report for you later.

Happy Thanks Christmas Year!


Tonight was our annual (some of the college buddies) Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year party. This year Justin and I were able to host it at our house. Tabitha came and brought her new puppy that is 7 weeks old too. It’s part golden retriever, pit bull, and lab. It’s black with white on her paws and her name is Dakota. Dakota and Java were both the runts of their litter. At first they didn’t get along too well but after awhile they were sniffing each other’s rears and having a good time. They even slept next to each other. Lunsford was going to come but she was unable to make it. (Lunsford stop breaking bones! hehe). We all contributed to bring “pick up” foods and watched “Gone in 60 Seconds” and a little TLC and chatted. It was good to catch up on everyone’s crazy lives. Jessica and Mark got a 97 Expedition. The coolest thing is they have a starter on their keychain to start the car without even being in it. Boy I wish I had one of those for in the cold weather. The car would be nice and toasty before I even got outside.

Poor Java is tuckered out. She’s been sleeping for like 2.5 hours now. I bet we will be in for a fun night of whimpering and whining and scratching to play. She and Justin are asleep on the loveseat as I type this.

I better get to sleep and try to get as much rest as I can while I can. Monday starts my 2 weeks of working 8:30-8 at the Bookstore for rush. Wish me luck! Stop by to see me too. Bring supper 😉

In unrelated news…I went to the chiropractor the other day. Wayne had given me a card to get a free first visit and xrays. He told me he loves it and that it’s almost free with GWU insurance. Unfortunately I went without doing any research. Apparently it’s not a Chiropractor on our plan. I went back for a follow up visit the next day to see my xrays. That’s when they told me I would have to pay a $300 deductible. Somehow they calculated that if I paid it that day I would only owe $410 (this I do not understand how a $300 deductible turns into $410 but I’m not the brightest I guess). When I came in the door I asked if I would have to pay since it was an overlap of the first visit and they lady told me “just a small fee”. That small fee turned out to be $82! I was not happy. I don’t know why Wayne didn’t think to mention any of that to me. He has the same insurance. Then these people wanted to see me everyday next week and then for the following 2 weeks, 3 times each. That is way too much money. I would love to be able to go. They did adjust my back which felt sooo good. I really needed it! I found out I had a sublexation of one my vertebrae in my neck and in my lower back (which I could feel definitely). I’m afraid my back is going back to the way it was before he did anything to it. Someday I’ll have to go to one in my insurance plan but for now it’s too expensive. I ended up cancelling all my appointments with this company. I’m sure they will be calling and bugging me next week.

Ok I’m off to bed before Java gets up. Night all!