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funny stuff


As some of you know…I tend to read the WXII 12 news website often. My favorite section is the “weird news” (thanks Lunsford!). This morning I found this article and thought it was pretty creative. I wonder if they will do a follow up haha.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Christmas is coming!


Hey guys, I know that like me, you can’t believe how close it is getting to Christmas. Last night Justin and I stopped on our way back from church to get our very first Christmas tree together as a married couple (and my very first real tree). We were able to get it all set up in the living room in front of our big window and even tied it to the hook on the ceiling to keep our devious cats from knocking it down. We were out of energy to decorate it last night and hope to do it tonight. It’s just so perfect. I’m so excited! God really has blessed us this year! We both legally have more family now and a home, jobs, food, clothes, our babies (cats), and many many friends.

Well, I better head home and get started on this decorating before it gets too dark.