Yes, that’s right, Gardner-Webb actually gave us a few days before Christmas off, so I am home and enjoying being away from the iceberg. I actually got up this morning when Justin had to get up for work. I really wanted to go back to sleep but I know myself better than that. I’m not a morning person, but I make a much better person when I just get up and not lay there forever. Today Justin’s mom is coming to pick me up so we can do a little shopping and looking around. I’m excited and hope we can find something good.

Last night Justin and I were going to wait til late to go to wal mart and do some shopping to get away from some of the crowds….well…instead we both ended up falling asleep on the couches.

I absolutely love this time of year…much more than I used to even. In the past few years I’ve realized more and more what Christmas is about. I’m now so much more excited to see others open gifts than me to get any. I smile and am so thankful for the most precious gift God gave us! I couldn’t even imagine giving someone I loved so much away, especially to a hateful, greedy, and ungrateful world. I know that I would want to hold on to them with everything I had. For someone to love me that much is amazing! I know I’ve mentioned this before but I have been thinking and relating a lot about Brandon and Meagan’s new little one. I couldn’t imagine giving something as precious as that away to someone (especially someone who didn’t deserve it). I know they couldn’t imagine it either. And on the flip side…to know that I’m one of the undeserving that God loves so much is sad and awesome at the same time. Justin and I were listening to some Carl Cartee last night and one of the songs just really hit me…it said something along the lines of, “every breath that you take was paid at a cost.” awesome! …just AWESOME!!! Merry Christmas everyone! and I do hope you love the gift you were given over 2000 years ago!