layers…of happiness


Can we say Brrrr? Talk about not wanting to get out of bed in the morning! Pixel came to greet me this morning and sat right by my face. I reached my hand out from under the covers to pet him good morning and then when I went to put my hand back under the covers he thought I was playing with him and swatted his paw. I ended up getting a cut right under my lower lip from his claw. What a way to start the day haha. Now I’m at work and still haven’t taken my jacket off…and it doesn’t look like I will. I have a long sleeve shirt, a pretty thick ladie’s cut sweatshirt, and a jacket on. My toes are still frozen and my legs are a bit chilly. Guess I’ll have to break out the long johns just to come to work. We have pretty much no heat back here in our dungeon. The big back door has cracks gallore so all the cold air is flooding right in. Mandy had ordered us a coffee maker as a necessity for the winter here and it has disappeared in shipping somewhere. Boy it would be nice to have a nice cup of hot chocolate. I don’t think I’m gonna go walk across the street and get one either haha…I’d freeze!

As far as weather news goes…As of this morning the weather channel is saying there is a possibility of snow showers on Sunday and Monday. So, one of 4 things could happen. Either: nothing at all, rain, snow showers like forecasted, or they bump it down a few days and we have a white Christmas 🙂 I guess I’ll take anything but rain 😉 hehe

I hope everyone is getting into or already in the Christmas spirit. Afterall it’s not about the presents!!! Just keep reminding yourself that when you get stressed or annoyed. I have been reminded this year about how special Christmas is. Recently our friends Brandon and Meagan had a baby (Thanksgiving Day) and I’ve been thinking about how excited I was just waiting for that special moment when we heard the news. I remember the anticipation and just pure joy when we found out Ethan had finally come and was healthy! It makes me think about what it would have been like long ago with the birth of Jesus. How exciting it was and still is! Don’t forget that this season! Thank God for all the loved ones you have and have had and will have and that God loves you so much that He gave you the best thing possible! His son! Don’t you feel loved?

Merry Christmas everyone…..everyday!