2365 reasons why….


…I hate Courseworks! I just finished manually discontinuing books from our system…how many you say? 2365!!! (approximately) not counting the times I had to rekey mistakes. I tried to call Courseworks’ technical support because our new book log scanning system was bogged down with the ancient books that have ever been ordered in the past through Courseworks. I asked them if there was a way on their end that they could program something to discontinue all the “zero quantities” in our system. They quickly told me no (which is a lie) I guess so they wouldn’t have to program it. So….I took the 70 page report (averaging 43 line items each) and started with the 1st. This meant I would type each individual 10 digit ISBN, then hit enter, then I had to click to a separate tab and then click the “discontinued” box and then save. The first few days I would do a page and get up and do something else and rotate around. That put me at page 20. Today I went to page 55. Allison came and started from 70 and met me at page 56. My head, neck, and fingers are feeling the 35 pages I did today. I’m very proud to have done it this fast but hate that I even had to do it. Now we should be up to speed.

Three blogs in one day wow!