quick dreams


I had a few quick dreams last night/this morning. One of them I didn’t remember until I heard Justin turn the shower water on this morning. I dreamt that Justin had taken a shower before me and I went to turn the water on and he had faced the shower head outwards and I got soaked. I also had a dream that there were 2 Apaches and 2 Pixels. I had to figure out which ones were the “bad” ones and get them out of the house. Each time I thought I had gotten the right ones out, they would run back in the door before I could get it closed. I feel like I had more dreams but for now I can’t recall them. Any dream analysts out there that can interpret those? haha

Last night Justin and I went over to a fellow team member’s house for our Mission trip meeting. We each brought a dish and had a great meal. The snickers pie was great too! Brad along with Russian friends: Mischa, Ina, and Irina were there. We all had a great time and we learned a few words in Russian. Don’t ask me to spell them haha. I am so looking forward to going on this trip. I know that God will truly bless us and this mission and those that we will try to reach. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Thank you so much for all your support.